Botox | Filler | Scrotox Treatments for Men

Look refreshed, well-defined, chiseled, handsome, feel confident with Botox or Dysport, a facial filler, peel or laser treatment. 

There’s a vast difference between masculine and feminine facial aesthetics. Unlike most dermatologists who have a primarily female client base, Chelsea Skin & Laser has a large male and gender diverse following as well. Using one or a combination of products, a custom plan will be designed for you that looks appropriate for you. Because of our vast experience, artistic eye and skill, we understanding the differences in designing aesthetic treatments across all genders.

Botox / Dysport for wrinkle reduction, excess sweating.

Fillers for a mini-lift, cheek/cheekbone enhancement, lip defining, jawline contouring.

Chemical Peels to brighten skin texture.

Laser hair removal and laser facials.

We also offer Scrotox for scrotal rejuvenation. 

Scrotal rejuvenation or Scrotox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to the scrotum using Botox. This quick, effective, cosmetic treatment uses a series of tiny injections in the area to make the testicles hang lower, looser, appear larger and smooth the appearance of the skin. Many men have reported an increase in sexual pleasure post treatment. It may also help reduce sweating in the area.

At Chelsea Skin & Laser, Dr. Eidelman and Dr. Ginsberg will provide a full anti-aging assessment at your initial consultation and create a plan specifically for you. They are advanced, cosmetic injectors and bring with them years of experience and the eyes of an expert. They treat with an artistic approach to youthful enhancement paying close attention to every detail: bone structure, muscle elasticity, skin texture, proportion, symmetry and aging patterns. The results are natural-looking, never overdone.

Our consultation fee is $400. As a courtesy we will apply $100 of the fee to the cost of the treatment.

To schedule your consultation for a filler or Botox / Dysport for facial or scrotal rejuvenation Scrotox call 212-675-0549.

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