Genital Warts or condyloma accuminatum are sexually transmitted, contagious and easily spread by direct contact. These skin growths can occur in any area of the genital region including the groin, vagina, cervix, anal area and within the rectum. They can be of varying sizes and shapes, rough or smooth, and skin colored.

Some types are associated with an increase of cervical cancer in women and perianal warts may carry an increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma in men. It is imperative to follow up with your gynecologist or proctologist when these types of warts are detected.

Chelsea Skin & Laser is your best source to diagnose and treat genital warts. There are many options available to treat genital warts: cryotherapy effectively freezing the wart, electro cautery to burn the wart, topical acid, immunotherapy, injectable chemotherapeutics. Regardless of the treatment used, repeat treatments are usually required.