Tick Bites

Tick Bite Treatment

With the tick population growing rapidly across the country, we’ve been seeing an increase in patients year-round seeking care for bug bites concerned about Lyme disease.

Most ticks don’t carry the disease but do take precautions when out and about in wooded areas. Ticks are most prevalent between April and September but can be found anytime temperatures are above freezing.

To help avoid bites, wear bug repellent with at least 20-30% DEET, walk in cleared paths, cover as much of your body as possible when in wooded areas, examine your skin.

If you find a tick remove it immediately. Use tweezers to remove it in a straight upward motion without twisting, wash the area with soap and water. Put the tick in a sealed bag or jar in case testing is needed. If any symptoms develop such as fever, body aches, rash, a red donut-shaped ring.

Make an appointment at Chelsea Skin & Laser if you have or suspect a tick bite. For any more serious reactions like swelling, difficulty breathing, chest pain seek emergent care.