Bathing Instructions


  • Avoid using excessively hot water; cooler water is less drying to the skin.
  • Keep your bath or shower short, five minutes maximum.
  • Do not aggressively scrub or exfoliate your skin. Use your hands to gently remove any surface dirt.
  • Using less soap is better for your skin. Liquid soaps can still be drying.
  • Use soap to clean the genitals and underarms; use water with no soap to clean the other parts of your body.
  • When choosing soap, use a moisturizing soap.
  • After stepping out of the bath or shower, apply moisturizer while the skin is damp (immediately after a quick dry with your towel).
  • We recommend cream moisturizers made by sensitive skin brands.
  • If you do not mind a slight greasy feel to your skin, apply a thin coat of Aquaphor or Vaseline ointment while the skin is still wet. These ointments can work as excellent moisturizers.
  • Consider purchasing a humidifier for the bedroom to keep the skin better hydrated during the winter months.

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