Treatment of Blood Vessels

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What to do before your appointment:

  • Arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time
  • No tanning four weeks prior, no self tanner two weeks prior
  • Remove all make-up and cosmetics
  • If you are very pain sensitive, you may request a prescription pain killer prior to the date of
    your procedure.

What to expect during and immediately after:

  • The IPL laser feels like a hot rubber band snapping against the skin.
  • You may experience a temporary bruise or purple color to the skin.
  • Minor redness and swelling at the treatment sites are normal.
  • A mild sunburn-like sensation lasting an average of 1- 4 days.
  • In some cases a blister or crust may form in the area.
  • A temporary lightening or darkening of the treated skin may occur.
  • If you are on daily aspirin, iron supplementation, anticoagulants, or herbal supplements
    (ginko, garlic, ginseng) you may bruise more easily.
  • Healing on the face usually takes two weeks.
  • Healing of large vessels on the legs may take up to six weeks.

What you should do after treatment:

  • The treated skin should be handled gently for 7 days. Cleanse with a mild soap or water
    daily. Gently pat dry. We are happy to provide product recommendations.
  • Moisturize with a gentle moisturizer twice per day.
  • Do not use exfoliators, scrubs, retinols, Retin-A, acid-based products (alpha hydroxy acids,
    glycolic acids, salicylic acids, and lactic acids) in treated areas for two weeks
  • If you have significant discomfort and redness in the area you may use cool compresses
    intermittently. You may take Tylenol for pain.
  • If a scab or crust forms, do not pick it. Apply a topical over-the-counter antibiotic ointment
    (Bacitracin, Polysporin ointment) or Aquaphor ointment twice per day.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to the treated area for four weeks.
  • Apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 regularly if you will be out in sun.
  • Arrange a follow appointment to check healing at four weeks.

What you should avoid for four days after therapy:

  • High impact exercise, yoga or weight lifting
  • Prolonged standing or sitting
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Very hot showers
  • Steam rooms, saunas, baths
  • After leg vein treatment, keep legs elevated as frequently as possible.

Any further questions don’t hesitate to call: