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VOGUE logoInjections Too Much

French Vogue
November 2009

(Translated from the original French.)

There are those who have a desire to change their look. And there are others…those who are afraid, who are given the impression of too many injections, too often, with poor quality products, in the wrong place.

“Personally, I use a lot of permanent and semi-permanent products (such as silicone, Sculptra, Radiesse and even Artefill). The result is impressive if one knows how to use these products correctly. For example, I love silicone for acne scars or wrinkles. My technique for wrinkles; forty micro-droplets, initially at a rate of five sessions per month, then down to three or four. The idea is to observe how the body reconstructs collagen around the silicone and adapt the injections accordingly. However, never use this type of product in areas that may move because of age or repetitive motions, because the volumes are then likely to move under the effect of gravity, and we are left with a deformed face. I also refuse to inject 20-year-old-girls (you would be surprised to know the number of young women who require these treatments…), because we do not knOw how their faces will change over time. I also love Sculptra, to build natural volume in the middle of the face and fill out bags under the eyes, for duration of 1 to 2 years. The secret is to use a very diluted version and ask the patient to massage 3 times per day during the week of the injection. Again, be careful not to make the injection into the lips; like all permanent and semi-permanent products it can create irreversible nodules that ultimately distorts the mouth. As for absorbable products, (hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin), I always us them with moderation (no less than three months between 2 session), because I feel responsible for each patients face….”

Dr. Michael Eidelman, Saint Vincent’s Hospital, New York

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